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  1. Pregnancy Options Decision-Making Support.
  2. Aspiration Abortion Services.
  3. Medical Abortion Services.
  4. Pre and Post Abortion Counseling.
  5. Support Services for Early Pregnancy Loss
  6. Birth Control Counseling and Prescriptions
  7. STI Testing and Treatment

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  • Pap Testing (Cervical Cancer Screening)
  • opper IUD Insertion for Emergency Contraception
  • Endometrial Biopsy

Abortion Clinic Calgary A Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, passed in 1972, was a significant step toward safeguarding women's rights to choose abortion while ensuring that the procedure is performed by registered medical practitioners. Despite the enactment of this law, abortion remains a contentious and stigmatized issue in canada. This nearly 50-year-old legislation is among the most liberal in the world and Calgary canada but is not without its shortcomings.

Dealing with an unwanted pregnancy is a highly sensitive matter, and obtaining an abortion while coping with the associated physical and emotional distress can be challenging for women. In countries like India, where societal pressures and taboos around abortion persist, this issue is further exacerbated. These taboos often deter women from seeking timely assistance, as they may be reluctant to confide in their partners, friends, or family members. Consequently, some women or couples may resort to unsafe and illegal abortion methods, putting their health and lives at risk.

In Calgary, abortion is legally permitted under specific conditions. However, misinformation and the fear of social ostracization compel some women to opt for unsafe and potentially harmful abortion methods. These methods can lead to severe complications and have long-term consequences for the patient's health.

Clinical abortion, conducted in safe and approved abortion clinics under the supervision of trained healthcare professionals, is the safest approach to addressing unwanted pregnancies. It is essential to raise awareness about safe and legal abortion options to ensure that women can make informed choices and access the care they need without jeopardizing their well-being.

Calgary's Clinical Abortion Procedures: Comprehensive Care and Two Primary Methods

Medical Termination: This method is suitable for pregnancies under 6 weeks. It offers a safe and non-surgical approach to address unwanted pregnancies. Under the expert supervision and care of healthcare professionals, medications are used to terminate the pregnancy. Medical termination is ideal for the early stages of pregnancy and does not require surgery.

Surgical Termination: Surgical termination involves a vacuum suction procedure and is considered a safe way to terminate a pregnancy. It is performed in a secure and controlled environment to minimize any potential complications. When carried out in safe abortion clinics and under proper care, this method has a high success rate.

Where to Access Abortion Services: Abortion Clinic Calgary is recognized as one of the safest abortion clinics in Calgary. The facility is dedicated to providing specialized care to its patients. Vardaan Hospital, where the clinic is located, is accessible to couples and pregnant women of all ages and backgrounds. It offers excellent services to individuals from all walks of life. Each patient receives special care during the abortion procedure to ensure a speedy recovery.

Abortion Clinic Calgary is committed to delivering the best treatment, care, and support all under one roof. The clinic's safe abortion services encompass both surgical and non-surgical methods.

Surgical Method: This method is performed in an aseptic environment within a fully equipped operation theatre. The clinic encourages regular follow-ups to ensure the complete recovery of the patient.

Non-Surgical Method: Abortion Clinic Calgary offers non-surgical abortion using oral medications under the supervision of professional doctors. Patients are thoroughly informed about the advantages and disadvantages of medication-based abortion.

The surgical abortion procedure is carried out using vacuum suction evacuation and is virtually painless, typically taking 15 to 20 minutes. Patients usually spend less than 6 hours in the hospital and are prescribed antibiotics, supportive medications, and follow-up care.

In addition to providing the safest abortion methods and exceptional patient care, Abortion Clinic Calgary ensures strict confidentiality regarding patient details and the abortion process. The clinic offers comprehensive consultations and expert advice on abortion methods. All pre-abortion ultrasounds and medical tests are conducted with the utmost care, making patients comfortable from the moment they step through the door. The entire abortion process is meticulously overseen by experienced professionals in a fully equipped operation theatre, with special attention given until the patient makes a complete recovery.

The cost of an abortion at Abortion Clinic Calgary varies depending on the type of procedure and the stage of pregnancy. Here's a breakdown of the costs associated with medical and surgical abortions:

Medical abortion (Abortion Pill):

The cost of a medical abortion, which involves taking medication to terminate the pregnancy, can vary based on factors such as the duration of the abortion and the length of the pregnancy.

  • For pregnancies of about six weeks, medical abortion is a popular option.
  • The cost of abortion pills will depend on the specific circumstances and requirements of the patient.
  • It is essential to emphasize that medical abortion should only be undertaken under the supervision of qualified medical professionals to ensure safety and avoid complications.

Surgical Abortion:

  • Surgical abortion is performed under anesthesia and is suitable for women who are up to 9 weeks pregnant.
  • The cost of surgical abortion at Abortion Clinic Calgary is influenced by the services needed and the stage of pregnancy.
  • For pregnancies up to 10 to 12 weeks, the cost typically ranges from $100 to $200, in addition to any necessary expenses such as blood tests and ultrasound.
  • These tests and procedures are usually conducted before the surgical abortion to assess the patient's condition and determine the most appropriate approach.

It's essential for individuals seeking abortion services to consult with Abortion Clinic Calgary to obtain precise cost estimates based on their unique circumstances. The clinic's medical professionals can provide guidance on the most suitable abortion method and associated costs, ensuring safe and confidential care throughout the process.

1. Reputation and Reviews

Research the clinic's reputation and read reviews from previous patients. Positive testimonials and a solid track record of providing quality care are indicators of a trustworthy clinic.

2. Qualified Healthcare Professionals

Ensure that the clinic employs licensed and experienced healthcare professionals who are well-versed in reproductive healthcare and adhere to ethical standards.

3. Confidentiality Measures

Verify that the clinic has robust confidentiality measures in place to protect your privacy throughout the entire process.

4. Range of Services

Consider whether the clinic offers a comprehensive range of services beyond abortion, as this can be beneficial for your overall reproductive health.

Additional Services Offered by Abortion Clinics

Apart from the core abortion services, it's worth noting that reputable abortion clinics in Calgary offer a wide array of additional services to cater to their patients' holistic reproductive health needs. These services include:

5. Pre- and Post-Procedure Counseling

Before undergoing an abortion, patients often have concerns, fears, or questions. Abortion clinics offer pre-procedure counseling sessions to address these concerns and provide emotional support. Additionally, post-procedure counseling is available to help patients cope with the emotional aftermath and ensure their mental well-being.

6. Accessible Contraceptive Options

Abortion clinics are committed to preventing unwanted pregnancies in the first place. They offer various contraceptive options and family planning guidance, helping individuals make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

7. STI Testing and Treatment

Sexually transmitted infections can have serious consequences if left untreated. Abortion clinics offer comprehensive STI testing and treatment, contributing to the overall sexual health and well-being of their patients.

8. Educational Resources

To promote sexual health and awareness, these clinics often provide educational materials and resources. This empowers individuals to make informed choices regarding their sexual and reproductive health.

Abortion Clinic in Calgary Serving Dr. Henry MD  is dedicated to providing safe, confidential, and compassionate reproductive healthcare services. With a team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, we offer a range of abortion options, including medical and surgical procedures. Our mission is to support women's reproductive choices and ensure their well-being throughout the process. We prioritize patient privacy and offer comprehensive care from consultation to recovery. Dr. Henry and our dedicated staff are committed to upholding the highest medical standards and providing a supportive environment for women facing difficult decisions regarding their pregnancies.